Coventry Ward Map
City of Coventry Ward Map
St. Michael’s Ward Highlighted

St Michael’s ward encompasses the area covering the city centre of Coventry and the priority areas of Charterhouse and Hillfields.

In 2014 we have now received 4th year funding. We hope to fund community projects that match one or more of our priorities for this year. We can make grants from between £250 to £2,500 for eligible projects that will benefit the community or the ward as a whole.

The final date for applications is midday 13th June, 2014 . The ideal applications will come from local charities or constituted bodies (who have a bank account) with a specific focus on St Michael’s Ward. Other applications may be considered by other bodies.

After this date a panel meeting will be held when all applications will be considered.

If your group has a worthwhile project that needs funds why not submit a Project Proposal Form to us? You can apply for a grant above.

Details about the programme 

Our fourth year grant is available for distribution in the ward. People will be encouraged to give time, expertise and resources towards the projects they identify in their areas. The government will match these pound for pound, helping to stimulate local action towards meeting community needs (this means donations of cash, services, free products or volunteer time).

The programme will help communities come together to identify their strengths and local priorities in order to plan for their future and become more resilient. It will fund both new and existing community groups.

Please note we will not fund one off events such as day trips, parties and celebration days. We expect that funding applications will be able to demonstrate a longer term benefit for the community.

Is funding available to individuals?

No. Funding for this programme is only available to groups, so if you have an idea how to improve your neighbourhood, you must form a group to apply for funding. The Panel will deal more favourably with applications from groups which are properly constituted and have a track record of good financial management.

For some useful advice on how to set up a project, please visit the My Community Starter website: http://www.mycommunitystarter.co.uk/

Funding Applications for Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults Programmes

It is an essential requirement of funding these applications that you can demonstrate that you have the appropriate Safeguarding in place  (this may include DBS checks and Public Liability Insurance). If your programme falls into this category please include the appropriate evidence with your application.

How do I apply?

Application is on the form attached.

Key point’s checklist

  • Why your project is needed and how you know it is needed?
  • Who would benefit from your project?
  • How the people who will benefit are involved in your project?
  • The difference your project will make?
  • What your project will do?
  • How much funding you want, for how long and what you will spend the money on?
  • How will you demonstrate that your project has made a difference and has achieved what is sets out to do?
  • How are you constituted?
  • Where necessary can you demonstrate you comply with Safeguarding requirements for children and vulnerable adults?

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